25 July 2012

‘Timeworn Techniques’–playing around with ‘burned copper’

As mentioned before, most of the ‘Timeworn Techniques’ exercises are done on cardboard, but that is not my thing. My alternative … a butchered mobile phone.

The technique I tried is called ‘burned copper’, here some detail shoots.


It’s not finished yet. More washes are required to tie it all together and the final varnish, but I’m quite happy with the outcome so far. I have to admit, the results some of the other participants achieved are far more impressive. Keep the fun up Smile

19 July 2012


At the moment I take an online class, called "Timeworn Techniques", held by Andy Skinner (great guy).For details see this link or one of the following Youtube videos:
about the Workshop
Final pieces    (from the February workshop, some are .. WOW)
All exercises are done on cardboard (rust, aged copper, fake ivory, etc.) and at the end of class you can enter a competition where you apply the learned techniques to an object of your own choosing Smile .. the FINAL PIECE

Not sure what I will do yet, still having fun exploring all the options.
~Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

11 July 2012

Spread your wings

And another swap finished, this time for the AFTCM forum.
The theme: Altered tin “Spread your wings”
Ok, I took it quite literally, but I’m quite happy with the outcome. Took me ages to get there, I think this was the third concept. Just click on the pictures for a bigger view. 
Yes, it is inspired by Queens song “Spread your wings”  Smile
Sammy was low, just watching the show,
over and over again.
Knew it was time he’d made up his mind,
to leave his dead life behind.
Spread your wings and fly away,
                                                     fly away
                                                                  far away

10 July 2012

How charming

Just a little time filler project on the side, my first try on creating little charms for a swap.
Stamping the copper was easy, but bending those wires … hats off to everyone who knows how to do that properly. Guess I need lots more practise to make them look even, but otherwise I’m quite happy with the outcome.

They’ll make their way around the globe soon, curious to see what I will get in return.