13 October 2012

Mini Theatre

The finished mini theatre (see earlier post) finally arrived in Canada, here what it looks like:

This snapshot really doesn’t do it justice, more details can be seen here >Mini Theatre<

Time for new adventures Smile

28 August 2012

Mini Book Necklace

Something my sweetheart made for a special friend. She created the mini book, most of the charms and the whole necklace that carries it all Smile .

Ok, I was allowed to help here and there, doesn’t it look great? Bits and pieces of New Zealand are integrated in there.

I really like it, more are already on the ‘to do’ list. Click the pictures for a bigger preview.

27 August 2012


by Edgar Allan Poe ….

another Swap run by the AFTCM group, this months theme:
a mini theatre inspired by Edgar Allan Poe

It took me a while to make my mind up, but look at this cover picture, THAT IS IT Smile

This time I’ll try to follow a completely different path, instead of using metal, wood, etc I challenged myself to use paper as the ‘main ingredient’.

Below some pictures showing the centre piece of the stage, Scheherazade telling her Story. I tried to achieve that 3D layered paper effect they sometimes use for those flower postcards. I’m quite pleased with the result I have to admit.

Next will be the main stage .. soon in this theatre Winking smile

25 July 2012

‘Timeworn Techniques’–playing around with ‘burned copper’

As mentioned before, most of the ‘Timeworn Techniques’ exercises are done on cardboard, but that is not my thing. My alternative … a butchered mobile phone.

The technique I tried is called ‘burned copper’, here some detail shoots.


It’s not finished yet. More washes are required to tie it all together and the final varnish, but I’m quite happy with the outcome so far. I have to admit, the results some of the other participants achieved are far more impressive. Keep the fun up Smile

19 July 2012


At the moment I take an online class, called "Timeworn Techniques", held by Andy Skinner (great guy).For details see this link or one of the following Youtube videos:
about the Workshop
Final pieces    (from the February workshop, some are .. WOW)
All exercises are done on cardboard (rust, aged copper, fake ivory, etc.) and at the end of class you can enter a competition where you apply the learned techniques to an object of your own choosing Smile .. the FINAL PIECE

Not sure what I will do yet, still having fun exploring all the options.
~Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

11 July 2012

Spread your wings

And another swap finished, this time for the AFTCM forum.
The theme: Altered tin “Spread your wings”
Ok, I took it quite literally, but I’m quite happy with the outcome. Took me ages to get there, I think this was the third concept. Just click on the pictures for a bigger view. 
Yes, it is inspired by Queens song “Spread your wings”  Smile
Sammy was low, just watching the show,
over and over again.
Knew it was time he’d made up his mind,
to leave his dead life behind.
Spread your wings and fly away,
                                                     fly away
                                                                  far away

10 July 2012

How charming

Just a little time filler project on the side, my first try on creating little charms for a swap.
Stamping the copper was easy, but bending those wires … hats off to everyone who knows how to do that properly. Guess I need lots more practise to make them look even, but otherwise I’m quite happy with the outcome.

They’ll make their way around the globe soon, curious to see what I will get in return.

14 May 2012

Catching up –last AFTCM swap

The theme for last months swap was ‘Altered Egg’, here my entry:

My sweetheart Ilka made the suggestion to create a bird cage, loved that idea. I immediately had the vision of a little robot sitting in there, hanging out, having a good time Winking smile
Is more a steam ‘punkish’ style and it looks like the movie ‘Robots’ influenced me more than I would have admitted.
And here the one I received in return.
Just gorgeous, completely different style.
That’s what I like about those swaps, you never know what you will get.

I got it from Karen C. (forgot to ask her if it is ok to post her name).
I love the vintage look of it and the details, have a look here:

Yes, Gears, I love that detail. Thanks again to Karen for this wonderful job.

Another altered USB stick

I made this one for my daughter Ronja, I hope she will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for her. Looks similar to the one I made for Chris, just a different tin this time.

Close ups:

24 February 2012

Heavy Metal - or everyone needs iron

Ever needed a sturdy surface to hammer, smash, bash? Flatten small pieces of metal or set those rivets?
Look no further, just use "Iron" :)

Here the little beauty before the harvest:
CRC spray to the rescue to remove those rusty screws

taken apart
And here it is, my new 'iron' anvil. *drumroll*

Very happy with it, as you can see the next USB stick cover is in the making.
There are also many uses for the left overs:

multiple layers of Mica, perfect for your next ATC or card project

many possibilities here, picture frame, altered shrine ???

Have fun, everyone :)

23 February 2012

Treasure Hunt

And another treasure I found, the amazing "Warmabed Temperature Regulator".
The name gives it away, it is a temperature regulator ... for ... a warm bed? Anyone knows?

 This will be altered :)

13 February 2012

Heart Attack

or more correct, Valentines Fever :)

Our house is getting flooded with little paper hearts. Hearts everywhere, my Sweetheart just loves it this way.
And I have to admit, I love it too :) I love her and her playful side.

even the lamp did not get away

a present for me :)

Happy Valentines to all of you

The making of ... my Mask :)

For the ones that wanted to know how I did the eye piece of my mask, here we go:
'Raw' paper mask from Geoff's Emporium

Mask is sealed with black Gesso.
After that I added a cardboard tube for the eye piece
 (guess where that one came from)
Eye piece covered with golden colored aluminium foil.
After that I applied the leather and the stamps
The inside of the eye piece. Same foil, embossed with a cuttlebug.
The outside is textured with a toothpick, just random grooves.
The rim, cuttlebug again and some more foil.
Now the trick, to 'age' it I used ... *drumroll*
Works perfect on foil. I also use it on plastic and wood.
From here onward it was more or less 'the usual'.
Stamping, adding ribbons, glitter stuff, etc.
I hope this short description makes sense.
Have fun everyone ~Rainer