14 May 2012

Catching up –last AFTCM swap

The theme for last months swap was ‘Altered Egg’, here my entry:

My sweetheart Ilka made the suggestion to create a bird cage, loved that idea. I immediately had the vision of a little robot sitting in there, hanging out, having a good time Winking smile
Is more a steam ‘punkish’ style and it looks like the movie ‘Robots’ influenced me more than I would have admitted.
And here the one I received in return.
Just gorgeous, completely different style.
That’s what I like about those swaps, you never know what you will get.

I got it from Karen C. (forgot to ask her if it is ok to post her name).
I love the vintage look of it and the details, have a look here:

Yes, Gears, I love that detail. Thanks again to Karen for this wonderful job.

1 comment:

  1. I was the lucky one to receive that egg and it is just amazing to see it in person. It is an absolute treasure. Ilka's suggestion for a bird cage was a perfect idea and Rainer just brought it all to life. Thanks to both of you.