28 August 2012

Mini Book Necklace

Something my sweetheart made for a special friend. She created the mini book, most of the charms and the whole necklace that carries it all Smile .

Ok, I was allowed to help here and there, doesn’t it look great? Bits and pieces of New Zealand are integrated in there.

I really like it, more are already on the ‘to do’ list. Click the pictures for a bigger preview.

27 August 2012


by Edgar Allan Poe ….

another Swap run by the AFTCM group, this months theme:
a mini theatre inspired by Edgar Allan Poe

It took me a while to make my mind up, but look at this cover picture, THAT IS IT Smile

This time I’ll try to follow a completely different path, instead of using metal, wood, etc I challenged myself to use paper as the ‘main ingredient’.

Below some pictures showing the centre piece of the stage, Scheherazade telling her Story. I tried to achieve that 3D layered paper effect they sometimes use for those flower postcards. I’m quite pleased with the result I have to admit.

Next will be the main stage .. soon in this theatre Winking smile