02 February 2012

Altered USB Stick - HOW TO

Ok, some were asking how I did it. Here we go:

The main ingredients, as mentioned in my last post. USB Stick and some funny looking metal things I found at Geoff's Emporium, 20c each ... who can argue with that. I thought they might be brass, but that look disappeared once I sanded and polished them.

I removed the plastic cover from the USB stick and broke off those legs from the metal cover. Later on I used some thin tin sheet to fold up a bottom for the 'new' casing. I also painted the top of the memory chip with some acrylic paint (bronze).

Next, FUN TIME, digging through my treasure chest (old watch parts, broken jewellery, etc.. )

'Test' set-up, playing around with the parts.

Now all I had to do is to put it all together. I soldered the back end and the chain attachment. I covered the bottom (tin) with some cello tape to insulate it from the memory stick. Then I glued it all together with E6000 (top, bottom, memory stick). For the detail parts I used G-S Hypo Cement.
Here a close up of the chain attachment, soldered to the back:

And done :)

About the box, ask my Sweetheart, she did that one. I sanded the tin box and she aged it with some acrylics. The tin logo is my design. We printed it onto tissue paper and used Golden Medium to put it onto the box.

Doesn't sound a lot, but it took a while. I hope the explanations will help, otherwise just ask.

Cheers, Rainer

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