13 February 2012

The making of ... my Mask :)

For the ones that wanted to know how I did the eye piece of my mask, here we go:
'Raw' paper mask from Geoff's Emporium

Mask is sealed with black Gesso.
After that I added a cardboard tube for the eye piece
 (guess where that one came from)
Eye piece covered with golden colored aluminium foil.
After that I applied the leather and the stamps
The inside of the eye piece. Same foil, embossed with a cuttlebug.
The outside is textured with a toothpick, just random grooves.
The rim, cuttlebug again and some more foil.
Now the trick, to 'age' it I used ... *drumroll*
Works perfect on foil. I also use it on plastic and wood.
From here onward it was more or less 'the usual'.
Stamping, adding ribbons, glitter stuff, etc.
I hope this short description makes sense.
Have fun everyone ~Rainer

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  1. I was fortunate enough to receive this Awesome mask. What a taltented tinhead here. Thank you thank you. It is hanging on the wall whith my other masks. The Eccentric Eclectic